Earrings of the Week

Hey Guys!

Hope all is well with you all and if it isn’t at the moment, it shall be!

I recently had a new shipment of jewelry and wanted to show some of the pieces. Normally, this should be an earring of the week, but I’m too excited to only show one. ūüôā ¬†You can find all of them ¬†here at the EarBUZ Store¬†along with more new items.

Now, on to the introductions. Drum roll please:

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New Discovery: Upcycling from Pour No More

Hello EarBuzzies! Hope all is well and cool on this sweltering day!¬†We here at EarBUZ love to celebrate anything beautiful. ¬†There’s no dire need for me to venture out in this heat, so I am on my blog sharing some fabulous upcycling with you. I’m sure you are already¬†familiar with recycling . In case you’re wondering what upcycling is and how it differs from recycle, here is the meaning:

Up-cycling is taking a product or waste material in its current state and turning it into something new and useful. Whereas with re-cycling, you first need to break down or destroy the waste or product then you make a new product from those broken down materials.

Now on to the good stuff from a wonderful company called Pour No More¬†(great name)(http://www.pournomore.net/). They¬†take discarded glass bottles as well as aluminum cans and wine corks, and upcycle them to create something new, unique, and beautiful. Take a look at some of their amazing ¬†items! There’s much more in their store: trays, coasters, wreaths, windchimes, bells, glasses, etc.

patron windchime blue & red bottlre tray wine bottle bell corona glasses butterfly glasses

Sunkissed Beauty feat. “Life of the Party” EarBUZ Earrings

Sunkissed Beauty feat. "Life of the Party" EarBUZ Earrings


Leather shoes

Karen millen

Satya Jewelry gold jewelry

Wrap bracelet

Tracy watt

Life of the Party

A Wonderful Discovery

Good Morning All! I’ve just discovered something wonderful. I just love great finds. If you’re an earring/jewelry fanatic like I am, then you’ll love this just as much as I do. There is a jewelry storage system called, “Earring Go Round”. I am getting several. As a wearer, my jewelry collection has grown immensely and this is perfect for me. ¬†As a jewelry seller, this has been the best storage system I’ve seen so far hands down. It’s super functional and is attractive. Comes in an array of sizes as well and different colors to compliment your decor. I can even use this as a beautiful display when I hold my earring parties. Keep in mind, they make great gifts as well!


A small one can hold up to 90 earrings and a large 140. That’a a nice amount of storage! They can hold up any type or length of earrings,. They’re also hooks at the top for hanging rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Even a bottom tray for miscellaneous storage. Love, love, love this! Come visit EarBUZ for earrings and Earring Go Round to store them. ūüôā